Galapagos legend cruise ship reviews

2019-10-21 10:51

The Galapagos Legend, with capacity for 100 guests, was extensively refitted in 2017 to better enhance your Galapagos experience. As well as being the fastest cruise ship operating in the islands, she remains the only vessel with an onboard pool.Galapagos Legend Cruise Ship Reviews. The Galapagos islands, located roughly 600 miles west of the continent of Latin America, is possibly the very best location to observe evolution in galapagos legend cruise ship reviews

The Legend operates four Galapagos cruise itineraries (two 4day cruises and two 5day cruises), which can be combined in various ways to create longer 8, 11, 12 or 15day cruises

MV Galapagos Legend cruise ship is owned by the Ecuadorian company Kleintours Go Galapagos. The vessel was formerly sailing under the name Baltic Star (after it was built in 1963), also as Stena Finlandia, Helgoland, Galapagos Discovery. Galapagos Legend ship review The Galapagos Legend is a small ship cruise that covers the Galapagos Islands region, in Ecuador. Indeed, the 92 meters vessel offers adventure cruises to discover the best of the Galapagos Islands with water sports, hikes and wildlife observation.galapagos legend cruise ship reviews The Legend is one of the best values in Galapagos cruise ships, so for those on a budget that prefer a larger boat, the Legend may be your best choice. If you'd like a more upscale ship, thentake a look at the new, luxurious Santa Cruz II, or the classic Silver Galapagos.

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